Ghost Mannequin Effect in eCommerce Product Images: A Complete Guide

To utilize the ghost mannequin effect for your apparel photos, all you need to do is take multiple photographs of your product on a model or mannequin and send them to a reputable ghost mannequin service provider.

Then they will expertly combine the interior and exterior of your garment and remove all traces of the model or mannequin, leaving you with an image that perfectly portrays how your apparel items fit in 3D. 

Furthermore, for ghost mannequins that aren’t changed at the neck joint, such as pants, watches, and caps, it is possible to alter the clothing to provide natural volume and texture, making your images look even more realistic.

The following stages are involved in invisible mannequin services:

  1. To begin, only two images are needed: one of the outfits with the mannequin and one without (so that the inside label is visible).
  2. Images editing experts will use a clipping path to join the two photos at the neck.
  3. Clothes on ghost mannequins that aren’t modified at the neck joint, such as pants, watches, and hats, will be adjusted to create natural volume and texture.
  4. If you want to, they can enhance the apparel or accessories and mix the ghost mannequin with other services such as color correction or shadow effect.
  5. That’s all! You’ll have clothing that appears to be worn by an invisible person.

Hiring models

Not only are hiring models costly, but they are also time and resource intensive.

Furthermore, the model must change into each item, which requires the presence of hair and makeup professionals and a stylist to properly present the apparel.

Even though using models in photography is a better option to demonstrate a product than flat-lay photography, they can still:

  • Take away the focus from the clothing item.
  • Hide important details of the interior of the clothing.
  • Requires more post-processing after taking the picture.

Instead of spending tons of money on models on multiple mannequins, business owners can now take advantage of ghost mannequin photo editing services and get 3D-looking product images without the hassle.

So it can be smart to choose these services as they save you time and money and enable you to show your apparel items in the best way possible.