What is Visual Commerce and why is it Image Editing crucial for eCommerce success?


Visual commerce, or V-Commerce, is no longer a means of distinguishing oneself from competitors. It’s now an expected component of online shopping experiences. The rise of shoppeable content and augmented reality tools on social media platforms — including Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat—have changed how shoppers engage with products. Rather than relying solely on users to visit […]

Effective Product Photography Tips for Your eCommerce Store


Product images have the power to either make or break a sale in the world of online retail. This is where the need for compelling eCommerce product photography comes in. For those operating an eCommerce store, mastering the art of product photography is essential to differentiate yourself in this fiercely competitive market. Whether you are […]

Ghost Mannequin Effect in eCommerce Product Images: A Complete Guide


To utilize the ghost mannequin effect for your apparel photos, all you need to do is take multiple photographs of your product on a model or mannequin and send them to a reputable ghost mannequin service provider. Then they will expertly combine the interior and exterior of your garment and remove all traces of the […]